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KOBARI Light Brick / Bata Ringan PUTIH

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Specification:KOBARI light bricks benefits:
1. Huge savings on foundations and structure savings up to 30% of beam costs
2. Good earth quake resistance properties
3. sounds proof, good for insulation
4. Easy handling/ faster construction
5. Huge saving of labor
6. cost efficiency
7. Fire resistant

2 types of specification:
Length( mm) 600 600
wide ( mm) 200 200
height ( mm) 75 100

volume per m3 111 83
( piece)

pin: 26163A5B
ph: 021.926 10 168 / 021 930 41 168
0812 14 08 909

Company Contact
Name:Mrs. Verine Tan [Marketing]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: candyluvv@yahoo.com Y!: candyluvv
ICQ: 4148158
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Skype: verinetan
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WeChat: verine-tan verine-tan
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Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mrs. Verine Tan at Jakarta Pusat
Phone Number:Phone number of Mrs. Verine Tan at Jakarta Pusat
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Address:Jl. Gunung Sahari IV/07
Jakarta Pusat 10610, Jakarta
buanatama@ gmail.com
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